Meet George: Jefferson County Clerk and Recorder 

As Jefferson County Clerk and Recorder, George Stern was elected to oversee one of the most public facing offices in all of Colorado government, affecting almost every person in our large and diverse county. The Clerk's office conducts elections, runs the county's DMV functions, and carries out many other important administrative tasks, including issuing marriage and liquor licenses, processing passport applications, and recording public documents.

George came to the Jefferson County Clerk and Recorder's office after gaining extensive professional experience in both the public and private sectors. George was a public high school teacher and baseball coach in Colorado before heading to Harvard Law School, where he studied voting rights and policy implementation. He also worked in the Obama White House on health care, veterans issues, and government ethics and administration, and for Governor Hickenlooper on everything from marijuana regulation to marriage equality and government accountability. After graduating law school magna cum laude, George moved back to Colorado, and worked as a business consultant at McKinsey, helping both Fortune 500 companies and governments improve their strategies and operations.

Now, George is using his experience from both the public and the private sectors - as a former teacher, attorney, and business consultant - to create a 21st-century Clerk and Recorder's office that delivers excellent customer service for all of the people of Jefferson County.

George and his wife Pam live in Golden, where they both enjoy the outdoors and are active members of the community. George is a volunteer firefighter with the Golden Fire Department, and Pam is the head coach of the Colorado School of Mines Bike Team and a member of Golden's Parks and Recreation Advisory Board.