Lakewood Sentinel: George Stern for County Clerk [Letter]

I can't help but think that things would be a lot better at every level of government if every public servant was a lot more like George Stern....

George has gone on to gain valuable private sector experience, working with local and national businesses to improve how they serve customers. He's also kept serving the public - working as a volunteer firefighter, right here in JeffCo.

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Arvada Press: County candidates introduce themselves to the community

..."I want to serve this county in a bigger way," Stern said, adding his reason for running is because "local government is more important today" than ever.

Stern said some of his initiatives include running an innovative and modern office "to make sure we're doing all that we can."

A couple things he mentioned were providing a 21st Century Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and updated elections security.

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Golden Transcript: George Stern, candidate for Clerk and Recorder

"The Clerk's most important duty is to make sure local government is working efficiently and transparently for everyone. That means a 21st-century DMV where you rarely need to come in and wait in line because you can do almost everything from a 24-hour kiosk at the grocery store, or better yet, from your smart phone while sitting on the couch watching a Broncos game. It also means updating election security to protect against modern threats."

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Lakewood Sentinel: County and state candidates push their platforms

..."I think that given the gridlock and partisanship we see at higher levels of government, local government has never been as important as it is today," [George] Stern said. "The clerk's office is the perfect place to make sure local government is working for everyone because it oversees areas that impact everyone, including all of our county DMV offices and all of our elections."

Griffin, the incumbent, did not attend the event and did not return Colorado Community Media's call by press deadline.

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Denver Post OpEd: This Year's Primary Elections Could Help Fix Our Politics

During the next three weeks, for the first time, Colorado's unaffiliated voters have a golden opportunity to help mend what many consider to be our broken political system. In the past, only registered Republican and Democratic voters were eligible to participate in major party primary elections, with the result that many candidates for public office were selected by an extremely small percentage of voters. Now, thanks to Propositions 107 and 108, which Colorado voters approved in 2016, you no longer have to be registered as a Democrat or Republican to vote in the primary...

George Stern, an attorney and volunteer firefighter living in Golden, is the Democratic candidate for Clerk and Recorder in Jefferson County.

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Medium: Run for Something’s 2018 endorsements

We're so excited to announced 61 new Run for Something candidates for the 2018 elections.... So far in 2018, Run for Something has endorsed 89 progressive millennials running for local office across 25 states....

George is an attorney and a volunteer firefighter in Jefferson County, and he has worked in the Obama White House and for Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper. Before earning his law degree, George worked as a public high school teacher and baseball coach in Colorado.

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Denver Post: Several Obama alums are running for office in Colorado

...[A]t least seven people in Colorado who worked for Obama the candidate or Obama the president are building on that experience by running for office themselves. ...

George Stern, who worked in the Obama administration’s White House Counsel office and is now running for Jefferson County clerk and recorder, is hoping to push back.

“When I say the federal government is in disarray, I’m talking about this current administration,” he said. “I think as I see everything that is going on federally, that is why I have such a drive to make sure that at the local level I want to make sure our government is working for everyone.”

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Colorado Pols: Finish Your Job

...Democrats appear to have a strong candidate for Clerk and Recorder in George Stern, so it is in the best interests of the GOP to try to place a new Clerk and Recorder now in order to give that person enough time to build up their name ID before 2018.

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