From Joan Fitz-Gerald: Proud to endorse George Stern
August 18, 2017

I am proud to support George Stern for Jefferson County Clerk and Recorder, and I hope you'll join me in doing the same.
In 1990, when I first ran for Clerk, people told me I was crazy. "Democrats can't win in Jeffco," they said.  And while history was on their side, we crisscrossed the county anyway, making the case one voter at a time. Come election day, history had a new chapter, and I became the first woman ever elected Jeffco Clerk and Recorder.
Once in office, we never slowed down, pioneering the use of mail ballots and leading the charge on DMV reforms. The Clerk's office is where I first learned the true power of public service, and it's what propelled me to become a state senator, and then to make history once more, becoming the first woman ever to serve as President of the Colorado Senate. Unfortunately, in the past three years, the Jefferson County Clerk's office has become stagnant, and it is no longer a leader in statewide voting reforms or areas of customer convenience.
Now, we have a chance to change all of that. I'm supporting George both because he can win, and because of what he'll do when he wins. I know from personal experience how difficult it is for a Democrat to win in Jeffco. George's first few months have demonstrated that he can raise the money, earn the support, and do the work necessary to be successful. What's more, I'm asking you to join me in supporting George because it's time for Jeffco to lead again, and I know that George has what it takes to make that happen.
Let's do this, together!
-Joan Fitz-Gerald
Former Senate President and Jeffco Clerk and Recorder